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We are stockists for LIBERON, who make a wide range of antique restoration products including waxes, polishes and oils, varnishes, brushes and restoration tools.


Antique Restoration
& Furniture Repairs

A core area of our business is restoring antiques which have been damaged by fire, water, knocks, or just many years of wear and tear:

Wood Repairs We re-use old timbers to match the grain and colour of the damaged area. Where re-gluing is necessary we use old glues to keep authenticity. We can make new parts from reclaimed wood- carving and turning are one of our specialities. Old veneers are used in preference for their thickness and rich colour.

Chairs - We reglue with old glues to enable future repairs to be undertaken - this is particularly important with 18th century Windsor chairs. We upholster using horse hair and tacks keeping up an old family tradition that suits antique furniture well. New parts can be made with old wood to blend in better.

French Polishing - Where at all possible we keep existing finishes, and clean and revive to keep the patina and age.
If necessary we hand strip before traditional finishing by hand  with shelac French polish, creating either a high polish or an antique matt finish as desired.

Glazing - We reglaze with thin and (if possible) old  glass for cabinet doors.

Pine Furniture - Stripping by hand and waxing gives a sensitive finish on antique pine furniture which  is less extreme than modern dip tanks.

Copies - We can make copies of chairs and other pieces where a missing item spoils a set.

Handles - We can supply a huge range of replacement brass handles aged to match. A copying service is also possible.


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